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What is Visa on Arrival?

 A visa on arrival is an authorization pass that allows you to travel to a country with the certainty that you’ll get your visa stamped at the point of entry into the country you’re visiting provided you’re not a threat to their national security.

Most countries worldwide do require Nigerians to get a visa, there are some countries where you can enjoy hassle-free travel without a visa and get a visa on arrival.  Generally speaking, it is easier to travel to African countries with a simple visa on arrival. Getting a visa on arrival saves you the time otherwise spent at embassies. Visa on arrival tends to be easy and quick and is processed directly at the entry point into the country.

Presently, Nigerians can visit a total of 25 countries with a length of 14 – 19 days. The main advantage of a visa on arrival is it’s useful for last minutes traveling as there’s no need to apply in advance. In this blog, you will learn about 4 countries you can travel to and get your visa on arrival.

Four Visa On Arrival Countries For Nigerians:


The visa on arrival can only be obtained at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Visa on arrival is valid for up to 90 days and allows you entry into the country. The visa cannot be used to leave and re-enter Ethiopia. To obtain a visa on arrival, visitors should go along with their passport photos and it is also important to pay a fee for their visa. In some situations, evidence of sufficient funds(A bank statement) to cover the trips may be required.


Nigerian citizens can get a visa upon their arrival at all land border posts and airports in Mozambique. The visa on arrival grants foreign national entry to Mozambique for the purpose of leisure and tourism. The visa on arrival also grants a single entry to the country and allows you to stay in the country for a period of 30 days.

To get a visa on arrival, a visitor’s passport must be valid for six months after the trip. Travelers whose passports are due to expire sooner may be denied entry.


A landlocked East African country blessed with beautiful sceneries. Fondly called the land of thousand hills, its dark history makes it a top tourist destination in Africa. The process of getting your visa on arrival is very easy and straightforward. Documents needed to receive a Rwandan visa on arrival include your international passport (make sure it has a validity period of at least 6 months), 2 recent passports on a white background, and a valid means of payment.

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It is an East African island located in the Indian Ocean. Nigerians hoping to travel to Mauritius can get a visa on arrival into the country. The Mauritius visa on arrival is only valid for 14 days for Nigerians. Documents needed to receive a visa on arrival include:

  • Passport photographs.
  • Valid national passport.
  • Latest bank statement.
  • A confirmation letter from your travel insurance company.
  • A reference letter from your employer or education establishment.
  • Proof of accommodation booking reservation in Mauritius.
  • Proof of airline ticket reservation for Mauritius.
  • Evidence of group travel if you’re traveling in a group.

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