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How much bathroom renovation should you do to get good value out of your home?

If you renovate for sale, your bathroom will be one of your main selling points. However, it is easy to spend more or less on renovating the bathroom as necessary.

What you need to keep in mind is the value of your home and what customers want to see. In most mid-range apartments, no bath is expected to dazzle with roof tiles and high-quality luxury fixtures.

If your home has an average value, customers will look for a clean, clean and functional bathroom. In many cases, you may not have to complete the full recovery. Instead, you can:

• Clean and repair your tiles to give them a new life contract.

• Your coffee and pool are probably restored (this must be done by professionals).

• Scrub the walls with bright, fresh tones.

• Inflate your washstand and replace the levers.

• Modernize fittings and dishes.

• Replace the shower cubicle with a modern shower cubicle.

• Replace the shower head

These budget updates can cost less than $ 5,000, but add much more to the value of your home. If your bathroom is in good condition, you can save even more with the DIY renovation.

Top Ideas for the bathroom remodeling

1. Design inspired by the Mediterranean

Glitz finds old style in these tiles, which are inspired by old Mediterranean countries like Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. The look elegantly combines the charm of hand-painted terracotta with modern metal.

2. Good Storage

Practical storage will never go out of style. If possible, use the vertical space and pull your wardrobe up against the wall.

3. White classics

Like jeans or a knitted net knit sweater, old school tiles have never gone out of fashion.

4. Ease of use

Even showers, with comfortable toilets, exhaust fans and taps on the side, are gaining popularity for practical reasons. Air showers are easier to clean, make your bathroom bigger and help them age at an old age.

When remodeling a kitchen where to start?

Determine your budget before you rebuild the kitchen

As you plan in a new kitchen, make sure that you are profitable.

Think about the layout

More than any angle in the house, the kitchen must be practical and functional.

Think about how to use it and make a plan that fits your needs. Think about the timeline and rate what’s best for your home.

Kitchen Space Planning

A good contractor will make sure that things are organized in a way that ensures adequate safety, but you must plan the practicality.

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