Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
multi level marketing

With the scrutiny involved in the (MLM) multi level marketing companies, many ask whether these “work at home” opportunities are frauds.

Some legitimate Multi-Level Marketing businesses allow you to access direct sales from your home. Several moms stay at home selling a variety of products, from Scents candles to Tupperware and costume jewelry. Most, however, do not actively recruit others to sell in an attempt to increase Multi-Level Marketing thing; instead, they are involved in getting the products off, and maybe make a few dollars on the side.

However, not all programs are so lenient. In some cases, you can buy large quantities of products, just to sit on them. Worse, you can access the “fast track” of an MLM business or pay a special “program” that leaves you in debt and no real results.

Before you sign up for a multi level marketing program, consider these five signs that you might be dealing with something that looks more like a fraud than a real business opportunity at home:

1. Emphasis is placed more on recruitment than on sale

One of the first things to note is the emphasis on recruitment rather than sales. Being recruited to recruit more people, instead of focusing on selling the product, could be a red flag. Consider whether there is too much attention to encourage you to recruit more “team members” instead of focusing on acquiring clients. If recruits are clients, it could be a red flag.

2. Poor training on multi level marketing

What kind of on-boarding/training and support do you receive? How do you answer your questions? If you ask tough questions, and they are diverted with homilies in positive thinking, you might consider an MLM scam. Also, consider the situation of training. Do you have commercial techniques and support? If training is about convincing recruits or advice about selling to friends and family, your “home business opportunity” can be a scam at work at home.

3. Pressure to pay more

Are you in a hurry to pay for more products? You may need to join a “fast track” or become an “elite” by buying a large inventory in one go. Or, then again, you might be in a rush to buy an expensive commercial package to get the commercial support you need. If you are required to pay additional training (in addition to attending a conference or annual convention), or if you are asked to pay for necessary office supplies, you may be in trouble.

Be especially careful of those who ask you to put your costs on a credit card or encourage you to take out a mortgage or a line of credit to pay for this “business placement.”

4. Tactics of selling to you

Do you feel like selling under high pressure when you talk to the MLM representative? You may be informed that you need to make a decision now, to get a good deal on the starter kit, or to buy at a “special” price, can be a scam. The most legitimate companies allow you to talk with your family or make your decision.

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5. Sounds too good to be true

As with everything that happens in life and shopping, you need to move very well to be a real “smell test.” Is the product claims scandalous and difficult to prove? Is there a lot of enthusiasm for the “incredible” program, without saving too much? Be careful with programs that looks too good to be true. The probability that it’s a scam is obvious.

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