Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

No doubt that virtually every man understands the importance of good suit, less is discussed about the importance of a proper handbag with it.

The inability to solve the final cut can mean destiny, even for the more complex prospects, and no place is more than the office. When everyone is dressed in a dark suit and a white shirt, small details can make a big difference. Can I bring a backpack to an interview? To give you a real impression, we have selected five folders that offer functionality and formality. It’s time to get the school bag down and get to work.

Briefcase / Attache


Briefcase is probably the oldest form of the “acceptable” men’s bag. Contemporary pastes have not developed much since the days of the father. They are no longer boxy; In fact, it is the only traditional element to be discarded in a modern folder. The classic shape (without sharp angles), buckles, outer skin and practical inner pockets make this bag timeless with every work space in the closet.

Messenger Cross Bag


The appropriate name, the bag is designed for the suitcases traditionally used in history – for who else? – messengers Often made of canvas and pushed over the shoulders, bag handbags have taken on a new significance in the urban way. From schoolchildren with canvas bags to urban malls with modern leather handbags, the messenger style will always have a classic casual style, but today’s leather cover also reflects the touch of modern sophistication.

Tote Bag


The Tote is a modern access to classic nude bags. Like handbags, the wallet is the largest in casual business clothes. Its basic design and the usual soft leather exterior provide a classic status, and its long tabs give a contemporary edge. When purchased in chocolate brown or black, this bag can add touches of masculinity to any casual wear.

Back pack


They often called it a schoolbag, the backpacks were divided into every clothing. Even if you are not planning to test books every day, you never know when a strong backpack will be practical. The backpack is undoubtedly one of the best bags you can have in your closet. It also boasts that it is large enough to fit into the 15 “Macbook Although its classic charm provides students a classic contemporary backpack with the right structure and aesthetics, it is still one of the best bags for business owners.

Travelling Bag


This is a good idea for a business professional who does not want to be stable while on the go. The lightweight clutch comes in three(3) colors and can hold any tablet or notebook up to 15 “.

Stylish and simple is the clutch with a soft interior that protects your computer or scratch-resistant accessories, as well as a fold-down cover to make your tablet safe. The back pocket makes it easy to store cool pad, notebook and pen, so it is easier to see.

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