Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
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Spotify is one of the world’s most popular audio streaming platforms. There’s more to Spotify than music streaming, Spotify also allows you to stream podcasts and you can also add your own podcast to Spotify. Spotify does not host podcasts, which means your podcast needs to be submitted on a hosting platform
that will distribute it to Spotify.

The platform act as a basecamp for your podcast. There are many hosting sites or platforms that can be used for example Anchor, buzz sprout, Acast, etc. If you’re looking for a free service that will definitely work well with Spotify, then you might want to consider Anchor. Anchor is Spotify’s own free podcasting platform that allows you to upload, distribute and even monetize your contents.

Before you can start a podcast on Spotify, you need to ensure your content meets the following requirements:

  • All podcast RSS feeds must have a title, image, and at least one episode.
  • High-quality square images with 1:1 aspect in PNG or JPEG format.
  • A high bitrate MP3 format or MP4.
  • Special characters especially the ampersand must be HTML coded within podcast titles and descriptions.
  • Episodes cannot exceed 200MB in size approximately 83 minutes at 320kbps or over 200 minutes at 128kbps.

Uploading on Spotify using Anchor:

Download the anchor app and set up an account.
Upload your podcast episode.
Add title, description, and upload channel art.
Once done, fill in all the details and tap publish my podcast.
Once your podcast is approved, it will take a few hours or a day to be visible on Spotify.

If you’ll like to use another hosting site asides from anchor:

Open Spotify for the podcaster website in your browser.
Sign up for Spotify if you don’t have an account.
Get started and sign in to your account.
Agree to terms and conditions.
Enter the link to your RSS feed. RSS feed can be found on your hosting site.
Verify you own the podcast.
Enter details about your programme.
Review and submit.
Once it is approved, it will take a few hours or a day to go live on Spotify.

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