Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
how to copy and paste

I believe one of the reasons we have the internet is to make information available at our fingertip. Of what use is the information you can only view but not copy and paste?

Well, in as much as it is a text and it is online, it can always be copied.

Nowadays, websites and blog owners decide to disable the chance to copy and paste texts from their webpage for reasons best known to them.

You might have come across a website that won’t allow you to copy text and will not respond the right-click button. This is done with JavaScript or from styling properties to deactivate text selection.

Most of these website owners failed to understand that such features only gives a visitor a bad user experience and they may not want to view your web page again since they cannot extract information from it.

So in this blog post, I shared some simply methods on how to copy and paste content from any website that has text selection disabled on it.

1. Disable JavaScript on your browser.

As the most common method these websites use to disable text selection and right-clicking is JavaScript, all you need to do is to disable JavaScript on your browser as well.

To do this, go to your browsers settings and navigate to the Privacy and Security bar, then to site settings. There you will see JavaScript and the option to disable it. Reload the website page and now you can copy and paste any content.

NOTE: Always remember to enable JavaScript once you are done copying, because the ability of some website to function depends on JavaScript.

2. Copy and paste from website source code

There are 3 ways to use this source code method. Every webpage has its own source code i.e. the language it was written in, and also contains the text content for the page.

To view this text, simply right-click on the page and click “View page source” and a new page will be loaded showing the code and text on that page.

For website that has disabled the right-click option, do this;

In the address bar, type “view-source:( website page URL)” and load it.




Press Ctrl+U to get the same result.

Now you can check through the source code page to copy and paste any text from it.

3. The inspect element method.

This method is suitable to copy small text when the website has right-click enabled but text selection is disabled. All you need to do is to bring your cursor to the text and right-click, and a box of list will pop up.

Now select “Inspect Element” and a window will open either on the right side of your window or below the page. This window should contain the page source code and have the text you clicked highlighted already.

Right-click on it and choose to edit as HTML. From there you can just copy the text.


4. Print website as PDF

To copy large contents such as articles, you can simply install print-to-pdf addons like PDFCreator on your browser. With this addon, you can choose to print any page as pdf. Now you know how to copy text that cannot be copied.

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