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No matter how successful your birth is, how well you have prepared a kindergarten, or how excited you are for the beauty of your new baby, your first drive home will always be the most exciting. With a car seat that feels good, things should be less loaded. (Meanwhile, you won’t be able to leave the hospital without one).

How To Buy A Car Seat


For a newborn, there are two options: carrier and convertible seats.

Infant carriers are usually suitable for the first year and work as a complete passenger system: they fit into the base that stays in your car and can also be fitted with strollers or special strollers. (If you choose this method, make sure your carrier is compatible with your stroller.) This means that if you go out with your baby, you do not need to unlock (or wake up a baby)) if you do take him from home to the car and back home. For suburban families, who usually use a car and a stroller, this is typically the way to move. Looking for a comfortable harness – this becomes more important with the older (and larger) babies get. If you live in a city and use taxis or for a different reason many different cars use, make sure that you get a carrier that can be installed without a base.

Convertible seats simply stay in the car. You have to snap the baby each time and no options for use or a separate base, but the advantage is that they can be used much later in the babyhood. If you want to save money and use the same car, this is a good choice.


The five-point harness is required. Look for tapes that are not essential for customization and a simple clip to lock and unlock. When resetting the car seat, make sure the shoulder straps are below the child’s shoulder height. (In contrast, it applies to the front seats of the car, so it’s easy to omit.)


Since your newborn cannot hold his head, look for an insertion seat to support his head. It is safer than using the attachment. (Use only the inserts produced by the same company as the car seat – otherwise, there is a risk of mismatching). If still not enough, you can put blankets around your baby’s head to keep it in place. Ignore the pillows on the neck – while they seem to support, they can be dangerous in the accident.

Car seat foam that absorbs energy

In an accident, this can protect your baby and save him from shocks.

Side protection

The deep side walls and the corresponding obstacles around the head, neck, and spine protect the baby in the event of a side-impact accident. Look for surveys and evidence on the manufacturer’s website that support any claims to side impact protection.


Are the material and the pillow soft and comfortable? It might sound like a luxury, but anything that helps calm the baby is essential in the first few months.

Expiry Date

The normal life takes about six years – then the plastic can become brittle. This is especially important if you borrow car seats from a friend or relative. (For this note, just accept hands-me-down of someone who believe you – make sure you are aware of what the car seat has been through before you put your baby in it) You never have to buy a car seat in second-hand stores. ) Never use a seat without manufactured date, model number and instructions.

Duct tape

If you can grasp your fingers and tighten harness together, the seat belts are not tight enough.


Register your child seat to be notified of any reminders or product updates.


If you think you have correctly installed the child seat, have it checked by a specialist. The local fire departments or police stations should have seat safety experts in the car who can be sure that everything is there. The most common mistake parents make simply not a fixed sitting position. Make sure that your seat is positioned well that the car seat on the tape path, and try to move it from side to side and front to back. If you can move the seat more than an inch in any direction, it is not strong enough. If you have a 3 or 1 car seat, make sure the seat belt or is appropriately positioned.

The owner’s home manual should be checked to make sure it’s safe. If the entire process of installation turns out to be very overwhelming to solve their own (even the best parents), your local experts can guide you throughout the process.

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Babies should utilize the ride until the maximum weight or maximum body height of the manufacturer is reached. Then they can move forward-facing seat on the seat. All children under 13 must sit in the back seat, where they are safest. For vehicles without rear seats (e.g., trucks or sports cars), disconnect the airbag from the front seat, which may hurt the child. Check your manual to find out how.

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