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Working abroad is a great way to explore culture while gaining experience. There are different types of jobs abroad you can pursue without qualification or experience that allow you to travel to new places and improve your professionalism. Sometimes overseas jobs allow applicants without qualifications and these jobs may require you to complete onsite job training in order to succeed in the role given. By reviewing the types of jobs abroad you can apply to with no qualification, you can narrow your “jobs abroad” search and take the next step to work abroad.

Here are four lists of jobs you can do abroad with no qualification

Tour guide

The tour guide job is a great way for a person to travel and work without qualification but you’ll get some informal training on the job. Tour guides accompany and guide tourists within a specific country, area, etc.

They provide special information on culture, archeology, history, places, and general matters of interest to tourists. Requirements for a tour guide include:

  • Ability to think logically and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to cope with physical demands of the job
  • Good organization skills
  • Maturity
  • Understanding and acceptance of different cultures

Typical work activities include:

  • Organizing and accompanying trips
  • Researching areas and developing a favored route in the area
  • Planning tour schedule
  • Visiting destination in advance of the tour to check the area
  • Providing practical support throughout the trip

Those wanting to pursue a tour guide position in another country should look for opportunities through tour companies.


A nanny Job is a great way to work without qualifications abroad. The job is to watch over children for families. You can work in different countries and can also go on vacation or travel with the family you work for.  As a nanny, your responsibilities include:

  • Providing for the children’s physical needs
  • Housekeeping related to the children
  • Setting behavioral
  • Providing care in the absence of the parent
  • Organizing outings and playing activities

Your exact duties also depend on the family that hires you. To be a nanny you must:

  • Be 18 years of age minimum
  • Be in a good general health
  • Have good skills and experience working with children
  • Good communication skills
  • Have the ability to stay calm under pressure

Hotel receptionist

The hospitality business has a lot to offer and this is one of the fields you can enter without qualification. Everything you need is your ability to work with people, your desire to deliver outstanding service, and your charisma. Here are some of the qualities to portray as a hotel receptionist:

  • Polite manner
  • Clear speech
  • Customer service skills
  • Patience and tact
  • Ability to stay calm and well organized even when working under pressure
  • A good telephone manner
  • A high standard of personal presentation

Truck driver

Truck driving is an excellent option for those who don’t have a degree but who are eager to make good money and travel abroad. However, the profession of a truck driver is rather a lifestyle. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is not the easiest and safest job. The job is difficult and a driver should be in good shape physically and emotionally. Some truck driving jobs are among the highest paying job. According to the bureau of labor, the salary in America varies from $30000 to $120000 per year.

You may work for a trucking company or an organization. To start on this work path, you need an international driver’s license and a work visa which is typically provided by the employer. You then need to meet any additional license requirement of the where you work e.g. language.

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As a driver, you must:

  • Have knowledge and ability to follow directions
  • Have a good driving skill
  • Have an idea about mechanical skills
  • Have a sense of responsibility
  • Be patient
  • Be absolutely alert all the time on the road for the safety of yourself and people like you.

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