Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

If your CV and cover letter have been impressive enough to do an interview, the job can be yours – as long as you perform well in the interview. Even the most seasoned professional can get nervous and spoil your chances, so with a little preparation, you can avoid falling into these flaws in common interviews.

1. Not doing your research

You may have the skills to get the job done, but do you know how the company works? Check the “About Us” link on the company website and read your mission statement. Find out who are the competitors and the main players in the market.

2. Coming late

Unless you have a great excuse and touch the front to rearrange, turning up late for an appointment will not encourage you to any employer.

3. Dress inappropriately

Although casual casualty may be the current trend, professional clothing is still a suitable business etiquette for interviews. It’s all about first impressions.

4. Squirming with pointless props

This can incorporate mobile phones, nail records, and bite gum. They all make them thing in like manner – they do not belong on the interview table.

5. Poor body language

Eye contact, good posture, cheerful behavior and a firm handshake will take you a long way in an interview.

6. Confident and fun

Take time to reminisce before answering questions and avoid bumbling for an uncomfortable stop; It does not inspire confidence. Also, do not mumble; The interviewer does not want to have to ask you to repeat an answer or strive to hear all the words you are saying.

7. Not following up

You may not think you performed well in an interview, but a simple email that reiterates your interest is a courtesy that can only outweigh in the long run.

8. Do not ask questions

Employers want to know if you are interested enough to find out more about the post or the company and will be gracious with all the issues well placed.

9. Lying on your CV

Anything written on your resume can be discussed in an interview and a fabrication about your work or education record can undermine your reputation in the long run.

10. Getting Personal or Family

Avoid giving a few stories about how much you need to work because of the mountain of debt you have accumulated. Also, do not behave in a noisy or more familiar and flirty way; Not a good aspect, no matter how much you like your chances.

11. Do not bring additional curricula

If you are not sure how many people will be interviewing you, bring in surplus copies of your CV to distribute. This will show how prepared you are.

12. Sitting before invited

It’s common courtesy to wait until you have a seat to sit on. Also, abstain from slumping or putting your feet anyplace, yet immovably on the floor.

13. Discuss money or free time

Unless an offer is placed on the table, it is not recommended that you discuss money or future work and vacation arrangements.

14. Cursing

The use of inappropriate and improper language is not acceptable at any time in the workplace, so in an interview, you will not gain any compliment.

15. Talking contrarily about your present business

Never whine about your present manager, regardless of how oppressive or ineffective they may be.

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