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Best genealogy sites

Genealogy sites; where they exist are usually scattered on different internet sites. If you find a record, the site itself can be the most confusing. If you are just beginning to explore your family history, start with these best free genealogy sites for beginners.


Providing education and resources to those who explore African American roots, this unique website presents regular ways for users to interact. Begin under card records for beginners and search the database for marriage, death, surname, and subordinate data under the same map. (See also AfriQuest.com <afriquest.com>, a free internet archive for users who share articles related to African American genealogy and history.)

Atlas of the historical county boundaries

You will return to this tool again. Many birth certificates are created by circles whose borders have changed over the course of time. On this page, click the status and select Interactive Map and enter the date for which you want to see the boundaries of the county. Then you can determine from which county the city was part of your ancestors. Now click to add layers that display modern maps so you know where you are today.


Look for a huge database with the header label labeled GPS. You can as well upload photos with gravestones that have been recorded with a free iPhone / Android application. Users can add custom history data to individual photos and associate them with other images on gravestones. This is a nice tool to use on a virtual road, and have fun when you use the “real” way to make pictures of tombstones in a family cemetery.

Chronicling American

The Library of the Congress Portal for the Historical Newspaper has two important content areas: the digitized newspaper page (1836-1922) from the 25 states and Washington, DC and the index of all the well-known newspapers published in the United States and where you will find them often today to check for new content. To learn more about using your site, including what happens and what is not, click Help.


This is one of the best online resources available. Browse millions of digitized and indexed records worldwide. Some results point to external sources for scanned records. Do not ignore the learning map. It is full of search keywords and online courses. The Catalog tab lists the most comprehensive catalogs of genealogy libraries around the world. Microfilms can be rented for use in the Family Search Center (in the Family Search Center). Share your family tree at the lower part of the homepage. Learn how to add network access to the Indexing tab.

There are other best free genealogy sites.

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