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Welcome to IDESKPLUS. A platform to learn and get help on various topics like how to make money online and offline, entrepreneurship, real-estate, finance, lifestyle and lots more.

As much as IDESKPLUS is part of a movement to liberate every individual from the 9-5 job, I believe even as a 9 to 5 worker, the weekends should be spent building the life you want, instead of try to escape the life you have.

Today the Internet has almost all the information we need at our fingertips. From the latest trends to the best vacation ideas, we get loads of updates and information that we sometimes end up in some memes corner. It is sometimes tiring to have switched through a lot of multiple tabs and not find the correct information.

At this point, IDESKPLUS is the one-stop platform to find everything you need, from E -commerce, Affiliate marketing, Real Estate, Insurance and other financial educations.

Thinking about learning some new stuffs online or joining a part-time course with convenience? Or looking for the best recommendations of a particular item or action? You’ll find all the information right here. 

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